اگر مجموعه ای از پرزنتیشن های شبیه به هم دارید و می خواهید آنها را در یک پرزنتیشن قرار دهید.

کد نخست

ورود و ترکیب مجموعه فایل ها از یک لیست

Sub InsertFromList()
' Inserts all presentations named in LIST.TXT into current presentation
' in list order
' LIST.TXT must be properly formatted, one full path name per line

    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

    Dim sListFileName As String
    Dim sListFilePath As String
    Dim iListFileNum As Integer
    Dim sBuf As String

    ' name of file containing files to be inserted
    sListFileName = "LIST.TXT"  

    ' backslash terminated path to filder containing list file:
    sListFilePath = "c:\support\batchinsert\" 

    ' Do we have a file open already?
    If Not Presentations.Count > 0 Then
        Exit Sub
    End If

    ' If LIST.TXT file doesn't exist, create it
    If Len(Dir$(sListFilePath & sListFileName)) = 0 Then
        iListFileNum = FreeFile()
        Open sListFilePath & sListFileName For Output As iListFileNum
        ' get file names
        sBuf = Dir$(sListFilePath & "*.PPT")
        While Not sBuf = ""
            Print #iListFileNum, sBuf
            sBuf = Dir$
        Close #iListFileNum
    End If

    iListFileNum = FreeFile()
    Open sListFilePath & sListFileName For Input As iListFileNum
    ' Process the list
    While Not EOF(iListFileNum)
        ' Get a line from the list file
        Line Input #iListFileNum, sBuf

        ' Verify that the file named on the line exists
        If Dir$(sBuf) <> "" Then
            Call ActivePresentation.Slides.InsertFromFile( _
                  sBuf, ActivePresentation.Slides.Count)
        End If

    Close #iListFileNum
    MsgBox "DONE!"

    Exit Sub
    Call MsgBox("Error:" & vbCrLf & Err.Number & vbCrLf & Err.Description, _
                      vbOKOnly, "Error inserting files")
    Resume NormalExit
End Sub

کد دوم

ورود و ترکیب مجموعه ای پرزنتیشن ها از یک فولدر:

Sub InsertAllSlides()
'  Insert all slides from all presentations in the same folder as this one
'  INTO this one; do not attempt to insert THIS file into itself, though.

    Dim vArray() As String
    Dim x As Long

    ' Change "*.PPT" to "*.PPTX" or whatever if necessary:
    EnumerateFiles ActivePresentation.Path & "\", "*.PPT", vArray

    With ActivePresentation
        For x = 1 To UBound(vArray)
            If Len(vArray(x)) > 0 Then
                .Slides.InsertFromFile vArray(x), .Slides.Count
            End If
    End With

End Sub

Sub EnumerateFiles(ByVal sDirectory As String, _
    ByVal sFileSpec As String, _
    ByRef vArray As Variant)
    ' collect all files matching the file spec into vArray, an array of strings

    Dim sTemp As String
    ReDim vArray(1 To 1)

    sTemp = Dir$(sDirectory & sFileSpec)
    Do While Len(sTemp) > 0
        ' NOT the "mother ship" ... current presentation
        If sTemp <> ActivePresentation.Name Then
            ReDim Preserve vArray(1 To UBound(vArray) + 1)
            vArray(UBound(vArray)) = sDirectory & sTemp
        End If
        sTemp = Dir$

End Sub